Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Harrington has Six Questions for Editors

On March 10th, I was the featured editor on Jim Harrington's Six Questions For . . . blog, with the focus on my role as Poetry Editor for Apollo's Lyre. Stop by and leave a comment, won't you?

And, just for fun, Jim has also asked me to answer his six questions as they relate to InkSpotter Publishing. So stay tuned for that!

Next month's interviews are listed here for your convenience:

4/02—Six Questions for Lauren Becker, Managing Editor, Corium Magazine

4/05—Six Questions for CL Bledsoe, Editor, Ghoti

4/07—Six Questions for David Shapiro, Editor, flashquake

4/09—Six Questions for Col Bury & Matt Hilton, co-editors, Thrillers, Killers 'N' Chillers

4/12—Six Questions for Rusty Barnes, Editor, Night Train

4/14—Six Questions for Mark Stratton, Editor-in-Chief, Cats with Thumbs

4/16—Six Questions for Lynn Alexander, Editor of Full of Crow, Fashion For Collapse, and Blink Ink Online.

4/19—Six Questions for Frances Badgett, Fiction Editor, Contrary Magazine

4/21—Six Questions for Ty Drago, Editor, Allegory

4/23—Six Questions for David LaBounty, Editor, The First Line

4/26—Six Questions for Andrew Bowen, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Divine Dirt Quarterly

4/28—Six Questions for Yvette Managan, Fiction Editor, Divine Dirt Quarterly

4/30—Six Questions for Colin Meldrum, Editor, A cappella Zoo

If you’re an editor and would like to participate, or know of an editor who might be interested, please contact Jim at

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