Monday, August 29, 2011

Writing in Absentia

Many things keep us from writing. Family. Friends. Work. Play. Distractions abound.

When it comes to blogging, we also have to contend with unexpected power outages from time to time. Such may (or may not) be the case today. Hurricane Irene (a doozy of a storm regardless of current classification) is making its way through eastern Canada. As such, I may (or may not) be without power right now.

Not one to let a little Act of God interfere with my commitment to daily blogging this months, especially with August so close to ending, I'm writing this on Sunday and scheduling it for Monday.

Does your blog service have a scheduling feature? Besides stormy weather, it's great for vacations, business trips and other absences. If your blog service doesn't sllow for scheduled posts, find a different provider.

PS: Now back to Carole Lombard in Twentieth Century (1934). John Barrymore already stuck his finger up his nose. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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