Monday, August 1, 2011

A Start Without a Story

Every once in a while, I browse through my collection of "unfinished" stories. Some might even be defined as unstarted -- or at least barely started.

I wrote one such piece -- "Whichever Path You Choose" -- as part of's Photo Contest #2 (2003). The idea was to write an opening paragraph based on the photo shown below. My entry won first prize, but I could never manage to build on the opening.

In hopes of kick starting the creative process, I've decided to post the opening here:

I peered inside both tunnels, straining to detect any sign of movement within a dozen shades of grey. Jane's breath felt humid against the side of my neck. Her nails dug deep into my upper arm. All I noticed was the pressure. Pain would have to wait until the general numbness passed--maybe in a day or two. I grabbed her clutched hand and whispered, "Do you think he's really dead this time?"

She wrapped her arms around me and nuzzled my shoulder blade. "We can only hope."

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