Thursday, August 4, 2011

Freelance Jobs for Writers & Editors (Aug 4, 2011)

I keep a close eye on freelance writing and editing opportunities. For one reason or another, some just aren't for me. But they might be just right for you.

Please be aware, I have not vetted any of these opportunities, have no association with any of the prospective employers, and make no claims as to their legitimacy.

Use due diligence when pursuing any freelance opportunity.

Academic technology journal seeks writers

Experienced Web Content Writer

Expert diet planning writer

Freelance AP Psychology Book Reviewer (Telecommute)

Freelance Content Writer – Catholic Online Store (Raleigh/Telecommute)

Freelance Creative Copywriter (Phoenix)

Freelance poker writer

Freelance Proofreader (Boston/Some Telecommute)

Freelance writers for home magazines

Freelance writers for Vancouver magazine

Online Content Article Writer

Parenting Writer (Telecommute)

Links may be deactivated at any time, so don't delay if you're interested. Good luck!


  1. Betty, ESP is alive and well. I've been thinking for a number of days now about contacting you to find out what's happening in the freelance writing/editing/proofreading world - and here you are - sending out this info without my asking. Thanks very much.

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