Sunday, August 21, 2011

Opening a Seasonal Branch Office

If you're running a home based business, summer is a great time to set up a branch office -- in your back yard. 

I take advantage of having wireless Internet and work on my deck when the weather is nice. The change of scenery is nothing less than refreshing. After all, wouldn't you rather look at blue skies and listen to bird songs (or even an irate squirrel) than be stuck inside? 

If you don't have wireless capabilities, you can still "branch out" this summer. All you have to do is schedule your outdoor work around tasks that don't require internet access. In my case, I could read submissions and edit manuscripts, saving things like email and web searches for evening hours and rainy days. 

Summer's way too short (and, in many locales, just getting started), so make the most of every outdoor moment -- even when work can't wait.

1 comment:

  1. Great idea! All I need is shade and paperweights. You're right about the change of scenery, too. The fresh air, soughing trees and birdsong definitely nourish my muse. It's like being a kid again, when the teacher would take the whole classroom outdoors during the last days of the school year.