Saturday, January 2, 2010

InkSpotter Publishing in the Running in Annual Preditors & Editors Poll

It's that time of year again. The annual Preditors & Editors Poll for the best in electronic publishing from the past year.

InkSpotter Publishing is well represented this year, with nominations in the following seven categories:

Anthology - Backless, Strapless & Slit to the Throat
Book Art - A Boy Named Wish
Book Editor - Betty Dobson
Book Publisher - InkSpotter Publishing
Children's Novel - A Boy Named Wish by Richard & Esther Provencher
Short Story - "Bunduki's Lament" by Kerry-lyn Witherspoon
Horror Short Story - "Names" by Phoebe Wray

Other recommendations:

Poem - "New Orleans in Blue" by Tracye Pool
Science Fiction Novel - While the Gods Sleep by Johnny Fincham
Romance Short Story - My True Love Sent to Me (collection) by Elizabeth Hopkinson
Non-Fiction Zine - WE Magazine for Women
Fiction Zine - Apollo's Lyre
Horror Novel - The Further Accounts of the Imaginary Friend by P.S. Gifford
Poetry Zine - Apollo's Lyre
Zine Editor - Lea Schizas

You only have until January 14th to cast your votes, so don't delay.


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