Friday, January 15, 2010

On the 22nd Day of Christmas...

I suppose it's time to take down the Christmas decorations. Yes, I'm a little late coming to that conclusion.

But at least I haven't plugged any of them in during the past 10 days. I just haven't had time to do more than take the wreath off the door and the candelabra out of the window. The obvious stuff, visible from the street.

Today, I took down the everything else...except the tree.

I know I can't keep hiding the tree behind the dressing screen, but just the thought of packing up those fragile decorations makes me wish every day could be Christmas.


  1. ours are down but still sitting in a corner of the living room waiting to be boxed away, regrettably, for another year.

  2. I moved to a new place this year and knew that I would not be spending Christmas here. My only decorating consisted of lining Christmas cards along the mantel. I spent the week of Christmas at my sister's house, enjoying her decorations and when I got home, it took about a minute to pull all the cards down and toss them. I kind of liked it!